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3 Chic Backpack Options

This whole backpack trend can be great—remember those days when you were in school and could carry everything you could possibly need on your back? Well you can do that again, and the best thing is that it’s considered stylish to do so.

Backpacks are very urban-inspired style and they’re so functional that it becomes hard not to love the concept.

If you’re looking for that perfect backpack to add to your life, here are three of our favorites right now:

3 Pocket Rucksack from MagusLeather

MagusLeather is a fantastic Etsy shop and we love nearly every gorgeously designed leather piece they offer, but this large rucksack is one of our favorites because of the beautiful color, the unique design and the fact that it can just hold so many things. It’s a rich shade of caramel so it’s versatile and it’s going to go with practically everything. Made from genuine cowhide leather, this bag has a front pocket, two side pockets, plus it’s big enough to carry a laptop as well as whatever else you may need. The bags from MagusLeather are made in Greece, by hand, and with this particular design you’ll notice the thick and really uniquely-designed straps which also make it a standout.

The Monopoly Leather Backpack from MochiThings

This chic bag is big enough to hold a small laptop, but it’s not huge so it’s great if you want a nice medium-sized backpack. It features cushion padding within the laptop pocket and the exterior has five different pockets. It has a PU coating to protect it from the elements and we really love the color options and combinations. For example, the caramel leather bag has a baby pink lining and we especially love this bag in peppermint, a minty blue/green shade with a brown interior.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Backpack

Marc Jacobs is one of our favorite high-fashion designers doing great backpack options right now and of course that’s a natural fit because he’s all about the urban street style. The Preppy Nylon backpack has a really clean, streamlined and modern look to it. It’s made from nylon so it’s going to be super versatile and you don’t have to worry about ruining it. It’s smaller than the other two options making our list, but still it has plenty of room and it comes in a shade of black as well as a shade called cement. Both colors are fabulous but we really love the fact the black version is so timeless and contemporary and we could also seeing it being dressed up as a work bag, or dressed down as a casual weekend bag. If you love the look of this bag another great Marc by Marc Jacobs options is the Domo Arigato Mini Packrat. It’s compact, stylish and sleek. We love it in black with the contrast of the gold detailing that comes with the three front zipper compartments.

Do you love the look of backpacks right now? If so, what are your favorite designs?