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5 Tips for Styling a Romper

With spring just around the corner it’s almost time to pull out that favorite fashion trend—the romper.

Rompers are cute, effortless and casually chic if they’re worn correctly, but that’s a big if. Rompers may look great in some instances, but when they’re not styled correctly it can be disastrous.

So how do you wear a romper without looking like you’re in a pair of PJs?

Here are 5 romper styling tips:

  1. Belt it. Rompers, like so many of the most popular fashion trends can look a little blousy which can actually make you appear heavier than what you are. If you have a blousy romper that you love, adding a belt at the waist, or where the waist would naturally fall, can give it shape and slim down the profile. Even if your romper is a slim fit a belt can be a great way to break up a solid pattern or color on the top and bottom.
  2. If the weather is still a little cool but you’re ready to pull out your collection of rompers you’re in luck because they make a great layering piece. Consider adding tights and a pair of combat or ankle boots along with a jacket and a light scarf. It’s a chic urban-inspired look that can work well in a variety of settings as well as in cooler weather.
  3. If you’re going with a bold print or a floral romper and you’re worried it’s going to be too “in your face,” pair it with a solid-colored piece of clothing to balance it out and tone it down. For example, if it’s cooler you can opt for something like a cardigan or blazer and if the weather is warmer go for a vest. You won’t look like you’re wearing a pattern from head to toe if there’s a solid to break it up.
  4. The idea of contrasting textures and styles works well for a romper. For example, if you have a really feminine or lacy romper, balance it out with a motorcycle-style jacket with a harder edge or even a tuxedo-style blazer that will add structure and keep the romper from looking as if it’s too girly or whimsical.
  5. Don’t be afraid to wear heels with a romper, as long as the romper isn’t too short. A romper that’s too short or skimpy is going to make you look like a teen visiting the mall, so that should be avoided regardless of what type of shoes you’re wearing. To look age appropriate but also sexy and chic choose heels or wedges that are complimentary to the length and style of your romper. A romper with long pants also works really well with a pair of heels.

Tell us about your favorite romper and also how you love to style it for a variety of occasions!