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An Easy Way to Revamp Your Denim Jacket

Denim made a comeback within the past few years. Jeans aren’t the only territory for denim anymore. It’s common to come across someone wearing a denim shirt, vest, or jacket. How do you stand out from the rest? There’s a simple strategy to revamp an ordinary denim piece into something unique.

Add sew-on patches. Check out this example below.

Photo courtesy of Cheska and Sam Colombo of East Rutherford, New Jersey

Of course, you can add patches to anything denim. The thick material is what’s most important. Check out this denim vest below from Expired Teenager, a New Jersey-based business that sells homemade screen printed shirts.

Photo courtesy of Expired Teenager

You can find the Don’t Call Me Baby and Frida Do What I Want sew-on patches on the Creepy Gals Etsy shop. The shop offers other DIY patches of feminist phrases like Sick Sad Girl and Ghosts Against Girl Hate.

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DIY. Get creative. Add buttons. Add iron-on patches. Rip off the sleeves. Add a touch from your favorite band. Cut out an old t-shirt and use bobby pins to attach it. Check out these vests for some inspiration. Personalize it. Own it.

Photo courtesy of Cheska Colombo of East Rutherford, New Jersey

Photos courtesy of Cheska and Sam Colombo of East Rutherford, New Jersey

Don’t stop at denim, either. You can do this pretty much with any piece of clothing, as long as it’s sturdy and relatively thick. Pictured below is a cozy, oversized jacket from Forever 21. This patch was made with a design from Etsy as well.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Van Der Herp of Lacey, New Jersey

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