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Brooklyn’s Punk Vegan Take Out

Earlier this month, I visited New York City and had the pleasure of dining at vegan-only restaurants. This story is the first a three-part series dedicated to my foodie treks.

I don’t travel anywhere without using Yelp. Primarily, I use the tool as a resource for a plant-based diet in an unfamiliar place. I can’t always rely on in. For instance, when I was on a road trip across the United States last summer, there was a serious lack of vegan options available in rural areas.

IMG_4761However, Brooklyn is a gold mine full of animal-free restaurants. Luckily, I found Toad Style, a punk-themed vegan take-out place. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in, but once I did, I was greeted by unique spins on otherwise average dishes. They offered breakfast sandwiches, fried vegetables, grilled cheese, and different types of french fries. While it was simple, that’s what made it unique. I often find vegan restaurants playing up complicated dishes with unusual spices, seeds, and other ingredients.

The indoor seating area was space, but fitting for a Saturday afternoon. There wasn’t a busy line or the hustle-and-bustle of the New York work week at play, so we comfortably sat by two other customers sharing a table. It’s a tight space, but again, there wasn’t a need for much leg space to at the moment anyway.

I ordered the grilled almond brie cheese sandwich with heirloom tomatoes with a side of fries. I was pretty blown away by the grilled cheese because it was brie. Vegan cheese is rare to come by, but something other than soy mozzarella or cheddar. As a french fry enthusiast, I’d give the fries an A-. My friend snacked on the fried cauliflower with mustard. I’m not a fan of mustard, but I’d eat those fried cauliflower for days.

Have you ever toured a city just through food? What are your favorite vegan restaurants? Tweet @decorcione with your feedback!