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Choosing Boots That Work For Your Body

You may not even realize that you have to be careful when choosing footwear to ensure it works with your body type—but this holds particularly true when it comes to buying boots. Buy the wrong style or cut of boots and they can end up making look shorter, heavier or off-balance.

Here are some tips for choosing the season’s most fashionable boots that will also flatter your body and your features:

Petite: If you’re petite boots can be very overwhelming and end up taking over your body. For that reason, a bootie with a bit of a heel is going to be your best bet. They don’t cover up your legs and a heel always gives you height and makes you look longer and leaner. Additionally, if you really want to lengthen your body, try choosing booties that are going to be the same color as the pants or tights you’re wearing.

Thin Legs or a Lean Body: If you have thin ankles or tend to feel like your body is a bit rectangular or boyish, choose boots that are going to add bulk at your ankles, because they’ll give the illusion of more curves. You can go for an option that is slightly higher than an ankle bootie, and hits somewhere around mid-calf. Choosing a boot with a high heel is also going to give your body more of a feminine appearance.

If you’re in love with a knee- high boot you’re in luck because they can be worn by most body types, but there are some things to remember.

  • If you’re on the shorter side, don’t choose boots that have straps, buckles or horizontal components because they’re going to make your legs appear shorter.
  • Additionally, if you’re petite consider going with a knee-high boot that fits snugly around your entire leg and has a heel. This will actually lengthen your body.
  •  Knee-high boots can also be the ideal option if you’re plus-sized or feel like you carry extra weight in your legs. Opt for a boot that instead of actually touching the knee, comes just below the knee.
  • Also, rather than a thin stiletto heel, if you’re plus-size you may want to choose a boot with a blockier heel since they’ll balance out your legs and make you look more proportional.

If you have an apple body shape—that means you have a larger chest and mid-section—a wedge boot is great because it balances out the upper areas of your body with the lower. This can be particularly effective if your legs tend to be thinner than your upper body.

Finally, if you’re very tall or have extremely long legs, go for a flat boot, particularly a riding-boot style. You have the extra leg length to accommodate this kind of look and you don’t have to opt for a heel in order to make you appear taller, since you already are.

Do you have any tips that help you select a style of boot?