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Fashion Rules That Were Made to Be Broken

Okay, we all know there’s a laundry list of fashion rules floating around out there, and some of them we’ve probably all heard time and time again from our mothers, and even our grandmothers.

Fortunately for us, as with many rules, there are some fashion rules that simply should be broken.

Rule #1: Only Wear White Between Memorial Day and Labor Day

This is probably one of my least favorite fashion rules of all times. I love white—especially white pants, and the old rules about only wearing white in the summer are completely outdated.

White is a great basic color, and it can be worn any time. If you’re nervous about breaking the rule, go with cream or a winter white when the weather is colder outside. Also, choose fabrics that are right for the season, and that will make your white look appropriate, regardless of the temperature.

Rule #2: Accessories Always Have to Match One Another

When we say accessories, we mean primarily your handbag, shoes and your belt. There’s the outdated misconception that these three things need to always match one another, and we simply don’t agree.

In fact, not only is it a rule you can break, but it’s one you should break, because following this rule tends to make your look stale.

Use your accessories as a way to add pops of color and visual interest to what you’re wearing, even if everything else is basic. Who says a pink bag can’t be a neutral item?

Rule #3: Don’t Mix Black and Brown

This is one you probably remember from childhood—it was the ultimate sin to see someone in an outfit that combined black and brown.

Well, you can throw that idea out the window. Pairing black and brown in a single outfit isn’t just okay—it’s chic.

Along the same lines of this rule is the concept of not mixing different types of metals, for example silver and gold. Another one you can just go ahead and ignore—mix as many metals as you like.

Rule #4: Avoid Over-Accesorizing

Today’s fashion rules are really about doing what you like, and following your own tastes. This includes with your accessories. Wear what you prefer, and wear it proudly, even if you have an entire arm full of bangles, a scarf and a hat.

In fact, having tons of accessories can give you a stylish boho look, and it’s a good way to make a plain outfit seem more exciting.

Rule #5: Don’t Combine Prints

Prints are everywhere, and women are no longer shying away from them. The bolder the better in many cases, and we don’t mean just wearing one print—mix it up and wear several prints in one outfit. There really are no rules for prints anymore. If you like it, try combining horizontal stripes, polka dots, florals; whatever you like.

Fashion has ultimately become about originality, versus following stiff rules that were created by mystery people. Do what you love and you’re going to enjoy your clothes and getting dressed every day.