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Find Your Brand With Fashion On Instagram

For some of us, fashion consumes our everyday lives. The way we dress directly relates to how we present ourselves to the world around us. Did you know you can use your personal style to market yourself professionally?

If you’ve sought out professional development, you probably have heard about personal branding. It’s a practice where people market their careers as tailored brands would. You can achieve this by using your style to create your own brand, fashion included.

Start with your favorite color, a phrase you often say, or something unique about you. Ask yourself what separates you from everyone else. Make a list. Let it all out! While one particular thing might not be different on its own, everything combined will help you brainstorm an identity you can capture through your style.

Use outlets to broadcast these traits. Personalize your social media accounts. Photograph yourself in different outfits. Maybe model for a photographer friend you have. Utilize your resources. Create an online identity that reflects your love of fashion. Get creative. Start out with a single post.

What’s one way to apply this? Instagram. Maybe it’s a selfie of what you’re wearing, like my example below.

Don’t stop here, though. Check out these accounts that have used fashion to drive their personal brand for some inspiration. 

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