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Five Poshmark Seller Hacks

After grossing over $200 in Poshmark profits, I’ve learned some tricks to increase sales to your followers. You’ll even attract new ones during the process. Check out this seller hacks below, accompanied by screenshots from my Poshmark closet.

Curate a mystery box. Be sure to specify the size within the listing. I’ve sold a mystery box only with medium-sized tops. You could always include a size-less listing on a box dedicated solely to accessories, such as handbags and some jewellery. If you have a wide selection of available listings, you don’t necessarily need to reserve items offline for your mystery box. However, when your listings condense or you’re just starting out, these items shouldn’t be listed publicly in your closet. There wouldn’t be a mystery there if so!

Share items from your followers’ closets. Share back. Share items from new closets. If someone follows you, immediately share one of their listings. It’s all about exposure here. When in doubt, share.

Drop prices. This is especially a great strategy during the holidays and for parties. Customers love this. Poshers that like a listing get notified when an item drops. Additionally, poshers will notice how much a price of an item has gone down from its original listing price and value by percentage. On average, my closet offers a 73% off original prices.

Write accurate descriptions. Customers want to know details about a listing right away. This information should be readily available beforehand. I learned this because in the beginning, people constantly asked for more details about listings and often, lost a sale because I didn’t reply in time. Don’t worry about the jargon, either. Explain it to your network as you would if you were selling it to someone in a store.

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