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How to Wear a High Waist

The high-waisted trend is literally everywhere right now. We’re seeing it in jeans and pants, shorts and skirts and even swimwear bottoms. A lot of people think the high-waisted trend is a great thing because it can be a way to camouflage many of the problem areas women feel they have like their hips and tummies, but what’s important to realize is that it can be a tricky trend and when worn incorrectly it may actually emphasize problem areas.

So what’s a girl to do?

Here are some ways you can follow the trend while also ensuring you flatter your body and look well put together:

  • You need to buy high-waisted items that fit you well and are true to your actual size. There may be times when you go a little big or a little small in your clothing choices, but high-waisted clothes shouldn’t be one of those times. If something with a high waist fits too tightly it’s going to be unflattering and make you look like you have lumps and bumps, while if you go too big you’re going to look frumpy and heavier than you are.
  • When you’re wearing something with a high waist the ultimate goal is to really emphasize and streamline your waistline. You want it to look nipped and tucked, so keep this in mind when you’re styling the rest of your outfit, particularly when it comes to your choice of tops. You want something that keeps the slim profile to minimize your waist—if you choose a top with too much bulk it’s not going to have a good impact. Along with a crop top, which we mention later, a corset top is a great item to pair with something that has a high waist since it does give you that slim and streamlined profile.
  • The undergarments you wear really matter with a high-waisted piece. You want a bra that’s going to lift you up and you don’t want to have visible panty lines.
  • If you’re wanting to try another one of the big trends of the season—the crop top—but you’ve been too afraid thus far, combining it with a high-waisted items is a great way to do it without feeling to exposed. You’re still getting coverage on your midsection but you’re getting the fun look of a crop top.
  • Consider adding a belt with your high-waisted look. A belt is a great way to create the illusion of an even more cinched waist and it can keep something like a pair of high waist trousers or a skirt from appearing too frumpy.
  • Button down shirts often look great with cropped pants and skirts. It gives you a chic, tailored look that can work in a variety of settings.
  • Add heels to the high-waisted item. If you pair heels with something that has a high waist it’s going to help you avoid looking dumpy, frumpy or like you’re being swallowed by your clothing.

What are your favorite ways to wear the high waist trend?