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Inside My Bathroom Cabinet

I try to look for writing inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Recently, I decided to dive into my bathroom cabinet and tell a story behind a few items I picked up, to prove to myself I can really write about anything at all. Here’s my exercise.

  • Tom’s Deodorant: I stopped wearing generic deodorant in college. I learned most have aluminum included on the ingredients list, and it’s carcinogenic. This brand, however, embraces natural ingredients over chemicals.
  • DivaCup: I started using a menstrual cup last year. The biggest benefit is the convenience. I don’t carry around a purse usually. Plus, buying disposable products is one less thing I have to do every often.
  • Hair bands: I sleep with my hair up every single night. It’s my beauty secret to maintaining wavy, natural hair. No products required!
  • Cuticle oil: As you might already know from previous posts, I have a chronic nail-biting problem and I’m always fetching for new solutions. I try to use this oil once a week (or ideally, once every night) to repair my damaged nails.

What’s inside your bathroom cabinet or beauty drawer? Do you have any secrets you’d like to share with the Girl of Style community? Tweet @decorcione with your replies!