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Is the Crop Top Trend for Everyone?

Crop tops are everywhere, but if you have a less-than-perfect figure, or are reluctant to show too much skin, you may be wondering if this is one trend you have to skip.

While there are certainly limitations to wearing crop tops, there are some tips you can follow to make them accessible, regardless of your body type.

Create Balance

The great thing about the crop top trend right now is the fact that it coincides with the high-waist trend. If you’re nervous about exposing your tummy in a crop top, combine it with a high-waisted skirt or pair of pants, and there’s really very little of your tummy that’s going to be exposed.

The look is trendy, and you won’t feel so self-conscious to step out with just a tiny bit of tummy exposed.

Another great way to create balance is to pair your crop top with a skirt that has a conservative cut, such as a long pencil skirt. This counterbalances the more edgy crop top and keeps you from looking too over the top.

Go with the Flow

If you’re nervous about the prospect of a crop top, remember you don’t necessarily have to choose one that fits super close to the body.

Instead, choose a top with a looser, more flowy fit and you might not feel as self-conscious as you would if you were not only wearing a belly-baring shirt, but also one that’s skin tight.

You can even choose something like an off-the-shoulder t-shirt style crop, for a look that’s casual and easy.

Knit cropped sweaters are another good alternative to the traditional cropped tee, because they tend to make you feel a bit more covered.

Love the Layers

Crop tops don’t have to be worn on their own. Embrace layering with your crop top. You can add a cardigan or a blazer on top, to make you feel like you have more coverage.

You can also go the other way, and add layers under a crop top, to cover your tummy and add some length, while still enjoying wearing the trend.

When you’re choosing a crop top, it’s like most other articles of clothing—you need to choose a fit and style that’s going to work best for your body type. Even if you’re baring a little tummy, you may find that some types of crop tops are extremely flattering, whereas others may not work for your body.

If you’re really unsure about the trend, you can also find a huge selection of crop tops that skim the waist. This is a great look for any body type, since you’re not showing any stomach, but you’re still getting the fashionable look you’re after.

As a side note, regardless of how confident you are with your body, it’s never a good idea to use a crop top as an excuse to expose too much skin. Be careful, and find ways to create a look that’s trendy yet fashionable when you’re wearing your favorite crop top.