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Most Wearable Runway Trends for Spring 2015

What’s trending on the world’s high fashion runways may not always work well in real life, so you sometimes have to be discerning when it comes to trying to translate those fashionable looks into your daily wardrobe.

When you want to look to fashion-forward trends that are going to work well as your daily street and work wear, you may have to pull inspiration from the runway without actually going for the entire look.

In keeping with that theme, we put together a list of some of the most popular elements of fashion being seen on runways for Spring 2015:

  1. Apron-style skirts: This season’s skirt trends are all leaning toward an apron inspiration. That can vary widely in its interpretation from miniskirts to longer apron-inspired skirts that also have a bit of ballet-style thrown into the mix. On the runways we’re seeing them being paired with pants and several layering pieces so they look more like an actual apron, but you may just want to wear skirts with an apron-like silhouette on their own to make them more accessible on a daily basis.
  2. Tassels: Tassels are great because they can make any outfit more fun and add a bit of punch to even the most basic piece. Look for tassels everywhere from skirts to blouses. We also like the idea of tassels being attached to little black dresses for a little more pop of excitement.
  3. Keeping it transparent: Transparent clothing is everywhere, and we saw a bit of this in the past few seasons as well. A few examples include maxi and midi-dresses with transparent skirting as well as blouses that are transparent and can be worn with camisoles underneath, or for something more sexy, a bandeau or bra.
  4. Gingham: Gingham is one of the most popular and accessible looks you can expect to see making its presence known in Spring 2015. Typically gingham is thought of as being a red and black checkered patter (a la picnic blankets), but expect to see the pattern in new and interesting color palettes for spring.
  5. 70s Throwback: If you haven’t bought high-waisted flare jeans, you may want to go ahead and invest in a pair. The 70s is back in full force this season, which usually happens every few years or so (we just can’t get away from the disco/flower child era in fashion). Aside from the flare-leg high-waisted jeans, look for boho inspiration in dresses, lots of floral prints and oversized plaid shirts worn on top of crop tops.
  6. Hello High Necklines: Skip the plunging tops this season and instead stay en vogue with high-necklines. From blouses with rising necklines to sleeveless and cropped turtlenecks as well as polos, the higher the neckline the better as we head into the spring season.

What trends do you expect to see moving from the runway to real life in the coming months and as the weather warms up?