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Poshmark Hacks for the New Year

Happy New Year, girls of style! I’m here with some Poshmark seller strategies to help you profit this month.

Engage with previous buyers. Check in with them. You can ask questions about any feedback. Tag them in comments. Remind them they once expressed interest in your closet. It’s important to reach out to those that have invested in your closet already. Maybe offer them a special deal or discount.

Find a common interest with followers. When someone follows you, go to their “meet your posher” listing. I recently connected with a customer that lived in New York City. She indicated it on her brief intro, so I used the opportunity to engage.


Photos courtesy of Stefanie Mauro

Remind followers about shipping offers. Whenever the app notifies you of a shipping offer, you should also notify your followers! They may have forgotten they liked a particular listing. These deals help your potential to sell and profit. If you offer a bundle discount, this is an opportune time to remind your followers!

Offer a sale on a listing for a specific amount of time. Make sure it’s for a limited time only! Timeliness is key. Include it in the title of your listing and share it periodically while it’s on sale. I often see sellers offer one-sale or weekend deals for their sales.

Pick one item to share at a party at a time. Some people might see the advantage of sharing their entire closets during a party. While this could also be an effective strategy, I’ve experienced the best results when I focus on one particular item. If I’m sharing that list periodically over a couple of hours, that individual will experience the most traffic. Ideally, this item should be one of your higher quality listings.

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