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Spotlight On: Chiara Ferragni

Chances are that if you love fashion you may have already spotted some of Chiara Ferragini’s designs floating around Pinterest and sites like Revolve Clothing. Her shoe designs are fun, quirky and completely one-of-a-kind—all of which are features we love.

Here’s what to know and some background about Chiara:

“My goal is to create shoes that make feel woman always on point”

Chiara Ferragni is a young fashion brand born in 2010 with Chiara Ferragni herself as Creative Director. Chiara Ferragni takes inspiration from travels, music, pop culture and contemporary art for a collection that combines feminine elements with modern silhouettes. The brand is a successfull mix of iconic elements and contemporary trends.

The collection got a warm welcoming from the market and press, making Chiara Ferragni a global success in 2014, making iconic the “Flirting” glitter slippers and distributed in more than 200 of the most important boutiques all over the world and through the most famous online shops.

Chiara Ferragni shoes, with the genuine leathers and handmade sewings, is a 100% Made in Italy shoe brand, that can count on the expertise of one of the biggest factory located in the south of Italy, which is well known to be one of the most important district for high craftsmanship. Not any pieces is outsorced of production outside Italy.

Some of our favorite new items from Chiara include:

Flirting: This is one of Chiara’s primary designs making the rounds on Pinterest and Instagram. These shoes take flats to a whole new level, featuring all over metallic glitter along with a winking set of eyes on each show. These shoes are completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a slipper and they have the ability to instantly add that wow factor to any outfit. These shoes feature patent leather and suede embroideries along with a black leather lining and sole.

Make-Up: If flats aren’t your thing you may be happier with these stiletto glitter pumps. The Make-Up pump is covered in 100 mm glitter from tip to toe with patent leather embroideries and a nude lining. The pointy toe of this chic shoe features glossy red lips on one shoe and a bright red tub of lipstick on the other.

Cameron: This is a high-top sneaker for a girl who loves to dare to be different. This retro 80s inspired sneaker features a strappy high-top design and a color palette of pastels including light blue, pink, yellow and gray.

Kim: Take a walk down 90s memory lane in these chunky sandals. This style of shoe is extremely popular right now and we really love that this particular version is done in metallic purple. With an open-boot style and an iridescent sheen, what’s not to love?

Check out Chiara Ferragini’s wild and quirky styles and let us know what you think about her new collection and all of the fun and exciting options she has to offer!