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Spotlight On: Pure Vida Bracelets

Fashion doesn’t have to exist in a vacuum or be superficial— in today’s world many of the best fashion companies also have a purpose or a cause that’s a primary part of their platform and their company structure.

That’s certainly the case with Pure Vida bracelets.

What to Expect with Pure Vida: Pure Vida bracelets are fun and stylish with bohemian and carefree flair. These bracelets are handmade, come in bright and fun colors and often have included charms which make them unique. There are a couple of different options when shopping Pure Vida—you can opt for a single bracelet that comes on its own and typically has a dainty design and style, or you can go with one of the style packs which brings together several bracelet designs for a trendy layered look. Each bracelet is designed to be unique and one-of-a-kind with a particular color combination that’s not replicated in any other bracelet. There tends to be a lot of meaning behind each of these bracelets, making them even more special. They may be emblazoned with phrases like “Hakuna Matata” or the charm may reflect some type of symbolism. As well as offering bracelets with charms you’ll also find even more detailed bracelets with beading or braiding of various types.

The Pure Vida Story: A five week college graduation trip to Costa Rica turned into a business venture for two Southern California friends Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman. Between the beautiful sunsets and the rolling breakers, it wasn’t long before these two friends began to deeply appreciate the simple Pura Vida lifestyle and the culture of the people they encountered. This is how it all began…

Upon returning to California, Paul and Griffin decided to put the bracelets into a bowl at a local boutique shop close to home. It didn’t take long until they all sold out and people were asking for more. They realized these simple string bracelets were more than just your everyday friendship bracelet, they were a movement. Pura Vida is more than just a saying, it’s a lifestyle representing the simple things in life.

The Cause: As we mentioned earlier, along with the designs there’s something else to love about Pure Vida—it’s a company about a cause. Not only do the bracelets provide jobs for artisans in Costa Rica but the company also donates to global charities through the sale of their specifically designed “charity bracelets.” In 2013 the company was able to donate more than $140,000 to more than 190 charities throughout the world and they also have the Enviro-Causes Charity Collection which provides money to environmentally-related global partners.

Other Items: As well as bracelets Pure Vida has expanded to create other accessories that really have the adventurer, the traveler and the free spirit in mind. Some of these include knit beanies, keychains and even candles and phone cover cases.

Take the time to browse Pure Vida and let us know what you think not only about the designs but also the company!