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Spring Fashion Do’s

We’re all so happy when spring finally arrives. It’s great to break out of the winter doldrums, and have some fun with fashion, beyond puffy coats, jeans and boots.

While the trends may come and go, there are some timeless spring fashion do’s that can keep you looking great once the weather turns warm.

  1. Experiment with layering. Spring weather can be tricky, with lots of temperature fluctuations, so it’s a great time to take advantage of the opportunity to layer your outfits. Invest in some layering must-haves, like denim jackets, light-weight sweaters, basic tanks and tees, and fun scarves. You can completely reinvent a look, simply based on how you layer items.
  2. Power of prints. Spring is a great time to go all out with prints. Nothing says fresh fashion like prints, including polka dots, stripes and florals. Many women are afraid to wear prints, but they’re fun and interesting. If you’re worried about how a loud floral will make you look, or impact the appearance of your body, put patterns on a smaller part of your clothing, for example in a scarf. You can also make patterns more figure flattering by choosing one that sticks to a uniform color.
  3. Speaking of color, have fun with it. Spring is about revamping your life and your look, and wearing color can change your entire attitude. We love pants and jeans in bold, bright colors, or even jewelry that adds pops of vibrant color. You can also incorporate color into your outfit with your footwear. Ballet flats and sandals are perfect for spring, and you can choose an unexpected color to add visual interest to even a basic outfit.
  4. Ignore white rules. Many of us learned that white can only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day as our first fashion rule. Well this is one rule that’s definitely made to be broken. White jeans, pants, tops and dresses are fresh, easy to wear and you can pair them with nearly anything. When spring rolls around, don’t wait until Memorial Day to break out your favorite white items.
  5. Go feminine. If you’re not normally super-feminine with your fashion sense, take spring as an opportunity to experiment with girly clothing. Nothing makes you feel livelier than an adorable sun dress or a top with ruffles, and spring is the perfect time to go this route with your clothes. If you’re uncomfortable with the concept of a short dress, choose a maxi dress, or even a long skirt, paired with a basic t-shirt or tank top.
  6. Don’t show too much skin. You may get excited when spring finally appears, and that can lead to a desire to pull out of your most skin-baring outfits, but save that for the smoldering days of summer (when you have a tan and aren’t blinding the world with your winter legs). Spring is about being clean, simple and subtle, and you don’t have to jump into revealing outfits right away.

What are your favorite spring fashion tips?