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Style Tips for Tall Women

There is a lot of fashion advice floating around for petite women, but there are a lot less resources for tall women. It seems to be the conventional wisdom that if you’re tall you have no problems looking stylish and chic, but in reality taller women can have just as hard a time, if not more difficulty, looking stylish and put together when compared to their shorter counterparts.

Dressing a tall body can bring with it issues of proportionality, just like petite women often experience.

With that in mind, here are some sure-fire style tips for taller women:

  1. Just as shorter women shouldn’t go too baggy, neither should a tall girl. Petite women are often advised to stay away from very flowy styles but if you’re taller and you go with clothes that are too baggy or voluminous you may actually end up looking larger.
  2. This one may sound obvious, but it’s often difficult because it’s hard to find pants that fit correctly, but never go with pants that are too short. When you’re tall and you’re wearing pants that are too short you’re going to look awkward. Try to find pants that just barely brush the floor. You may have to do some searching to find a company or brand that specifically offers long pants, but once you find something you like stick with it.
  3. You should work to create a waistline. If you don’t seem to have any curves or a defined waistline you’re going to look even taller than what you are and you’ll also look somewhat monotonous.
  4. Bold prints and patterns are often ideal for tall women whereas they can be a bit intimidating for smaller women. When you’re tall you’re not as likely to look like you’re being engulfed by a large or bold pattern or print, so go ahead and experiment in this area.
  5. If you’re shopping for skirts or dresses a knee-length can be beautiful on a taller figure. When you go either too short or too tall it can over-emphasize your height, whereas knee length tends to fall at a place that’s just right for a tall figure.
  6. Wearing contrasting colors will take the emphasis off your height if it’s something you’re self-conscious about. Think of it this way—when someone wants to appear taller they may go for the classic all-black look, but if you want to downplay your height just a bit, wear different colors on the top and bottom of your outfit.
  7. If you’re tall and tend to have a more boyish figure, go with detailing that will add some volume to your look—for example ruffled blouses can be a great way to boost your bust-line, add some shape and break up your outfit a bit.
  8. Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you have to avoid heels altogether. You may not want six-inch heels, but a lower heel or trendy block heel can be a great way to get the sophistication of heels without feeling like you’ll tower over everyone else in the room.

Are you a tall girl? If so, what are your favorite fashion tips?