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The Season’s Best Boot Trends

This time of year it’s all about the boots in terms of footwear and there are so many different options to choose from.

Boots are versatile—you can dress them up or down—plus they’re functional. They’re warm during the cold weather months and you can really pair them with just about anything.

Some of our favorite boot trends of the season include:

  • The Over-the-Knee: Over-the-knee boots come in so many variations. We love the flat over-the-knee boots for more casual outfits—you can pair them with anything from leggings to skirts and dresses and they give you a chic, dramatic look and they also lengthen the look of your legs. Over-the-knee boots can be inherently sexy so keep that in  mind if you’re going with a heel—you’re definitely going to get a daring look when wearing a heeled over-the-knee option, whereas a flat boot like this can be a bit more tame. Over-the-knee boots also work so well in the winter months when you want to wear a skirt or dress because they give you extra coverage and warmth on your legs. If you want a sophisticated and very classic over-the-knee boot, opt for a riding style that extends higher on your leg.
  • Moto: Motorcycle boots are edgy and so up-to-the minute in terms of shoe fashion trends. Motorcycle boots can go great for an everyday look with your favorite pair of jeans or you can think outside the box and pair them with a feminine dress or skirt.
  • The Mod Ankle Boot: We’ve been loving ankle boots for a while now, and this year’s trend of mod ankle boots is even cooler. Mod boots are fresh and contemporary, yet they’re also a throwback to the boot style of the 1960s. You can really be daring with metallic or glittered-covered mod boots to add a pop of interest to an otherwise simple outfit, or you can opt for a more simplistic mod boot with a low stacked heel in a neutral color. We also love a mod boot with a color-blocked, contrasting chunky heel.
  • Combat Boots: The combat boot trend is still sticking around hard this year and we’re seeing all kinds of variations of these boots from fun and funky colors to heeled combat options. The combat boot is really a throwback to the grunge style of the 1990s and we love the look paired with a flannel shirt or a babydoll dress and a thick-knit cardigan. Combat boots can add a sense of edginess to your look with minimal effort and they’re also incredibly utilitarian. You can wear them in the snow, the rain—whatever weather condition is going to be suitable for throwing on your combat boots. You can combine two trends in one pair of shoes if you opt for a lug sole combat boot.

What are your favorite boot trends you’re seeing this year? Do you have a look you particularly love or do you just love boots in general?