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Thinking About Joining Poshmark?

Poshmark, an app dedicated to sharing women’s closets, brings e-commerce to aspiring fashionistas and women looking to condense their wardrobes. Now, it’s easy to sell unwanted clothes through a mobile app!

This summer, I started using the app to condense my closet and score some extra cash. Some friends and followers have inquired about my success. They ask, “Is it worth it?” Yes, it’s absolutely worthwhile, but there are some things you should know before diving in.

It’s another social networking app you’ll frequent. Like other social media apps, Poshmark runs on likes, followers, and shares. Ask yourself if you’re comfortable balancing yet another app. If you’re like me, you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by notifications and messages. However, it’s entirely possible to maintain a healthy balance. Consider this your first paid modeling gig.

You need a decent camera. How’s your camera phone? Do you have a digital camera? In order to list items, you’ll need a camera to photograph them. Once you upload a photo, the app allows you to add filters.

You need to detailed listings to sell. Capture different angles of the products you sell in your photos. Indicate whether an article of clothing has been worn before or not. For example, if you’re selling jeans, don’t only show us the front! Show us the back pockets. Model them if they fit. Slip into the pair and take a selfie.

It’s a learning process. Successful businesses aren’t born overnight. It’s the same with a Poshmark closet. Don’t get discouraged after only a few days without a single sale. It took me well over two weeks before I sold my first item.

You don’t have to sell designer clothes. Originally, the app was geared around designer, hot-ticket items. However, the culture of its listings has changed. I’ve personally never sold a designer item! Most of my clothes are purchased from a thrift store or handed down to me, secondhand.

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