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This Two-Ingredient Face Wash Benefits Your Health, Wallet, and the Environment

While studying in India earlier this year, I tried out different kinds of hygiene and beauty products. To name a few, I used tooth powder made from spices; black eyeliner made from almond oil; and shampoo powder made from hibiscus leaves. These products are less likely to have harmful chemicals in common cosmetic and beauty care products. You have a better idea of what’s actually in these natural remedies, compared to the labels you read in common drugstore products.

When I returned home in late spring, I started to reevaluate my beauty routine. I reconsidered certain products I used every day. For example, I reassessed how often I wore make-up. Although I once never left the house without mascara, wearing make-up every day no longer fits my personality. Sometimes, liquid eyeliner irritates my eyelids and I am unable to wear it. (However, if wearing make-up habitually is something you enjoy, own and work it!) Comparatively, there are certain products I couldn’t see myself without, such as facial cleanser. I decided to explore an alternative. That’s how I came across this two-ingredient recipe you can make at home for healthier skin.

The secret? Coconut oil and brown sugar. That’s it! Grab a mason jar, dump in coconut oil, add brown sugar, and blend it the mixture together with a spoon. You can balance the two ingredients on your own. Personally, I prefer high exfoliation, so I’m less reluctant to limit the amount of brown sugar I add. Start with a small batch to see what you like. This formula works great for me, even though I have moderately oily skin. (It also helps remove make-up!)

There are other benefits to this recipe other than the fact it’s better for your health. Firstly, it’s cost efficient. The next time you’re in the skincare aisle, note how pricey these products can get. Even if you’re not shopping for a more natural based formula, it eventually adds up.

Alright, you might be asking something: Isn’t coconut oil expensive, too? Look for the store brand version over the organic if you’re watching your spending. Plus, coconut oil has multiple purposes. Use it as a natural sunscreen, soap, lotion, deodorant, etc. For instance, I apply a layer to my hands every night to prevent chapped skin in the winter.

Secondly, it benefits the environment. Many personal care products are made with microbeads, microscopic plastic microspheres used as exfoliating agents. Unfortunately, these microbeads are so tiny wastewater plants cannot filter them and they end up in the ocean. There are active campaigns against manufacturing microbeads. State, county, and town governments have enacted bans on microbeads because of their environmental consequence. With this simple recipe, brown sugar replaces microbeads and exfoliates the skin.

Do you have any homemade beauty hacks to share? We’d like to hear from you!