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Tips to Master Effortlessly Cool Street Style

We all see those people out and about, whether it’s in person or somewhere like Instagram, who seem to have just mastered the art of looking effortlessly stylish no matter what.

While it may look effortless, in reality these fashionable street style icons may be putting a little more thought into it than you might realize. Mastering the effortlessly cool look can require a few guidelines and tips:

  1. If you want to dress like one of those ultra-cool New York City models who always get photographed, consider investing in a motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets are one of those timeless pieces that always look cool, no matter how or when you’re wearing one.
  2. Another great piece to buy if you want to look effortlessly cool (while putting in effort of course)—a great blazer. I’m partial to tuxedo-style blazers because you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion and for daytime street style just put them on top of a flowy blouse, a great vintage-style v-neck t-shirt or even a basic tank and your look is going to be instantly elevated.
  3. Ankle boots almost always look cool—if you look at any Instagram account of an impeccably stylish person, ankle boots seem to be part of their outfit. You can wear ankle boots with pretty much anything and they’re going to look fresh and on-point.
  4. Invest in a good curling iron. Day-to-day chicness requires good hair and a salon-quality curling iron will become your best friend. A good quality iron is going to let you make some undone waves quickly and easily—we’re partial to the Sultra Bombshell but there are also other good options available. When you use a salon-quality curling iron it tends to get very hot very quickly so even if you’re in a huge rush you can add a few waves to your style.
  5. Wear what you feel comfortable in. No matter what, if you’re wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable or like you’re trying too hard, you’re not going to look street chic. If everyone is wearing a certain trend and you just don’t feel like it fits with your personal style then just don’t try it.
  6. Simple is almost always better. If you look at pictures of the coolest models, celebs and inspirational style girls there’s something they tend to have in common—simplicity. Effortless, cool fashion is about finding items that work well but aren’t over the top.
  7. Focus on the basics. Have you ever seen an outfit that looks great even if it’s just a vintage-style v-neck t-shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers? Sure you have—and that’s probably because those basic items are really great quality and they can stand well without a lot of accessories. Find a line of t-shirts you love and buy a few or spend time picking out the perfect pair of jeans for your body type.

What are your favorite tips to accomplish effortlessly cool style?