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Wear Your Maxi Dresses Even When It’s Cold Outside

This year the fashion trends are all about a sense of boho-chic and lots of layering, and maxi dresses are something that fits in well with those concepts. You may think you have to shelve your favorite maxi until the weather warms back up, but that’s not the case at all.

Here are a few creative and fashionable ways to style your maxi dresses even during the fall and winter months:

  1. Layer a shirt on top. Depending on how cold it is where you live you may also need a coat too of course, but your primary outfit can consist of a maxi dress with something like a chambray button-up on top. We love the look because it’s chic and casual and it gives you great base layers to build upon.
  2. Top it with a blazer. I absolutely love wearing blazers all fall and winter long because they give you warmth but they can also be taken off when you’re indoors if you get a bit warm. I have a couple of tuxedo style blazers from H&M that will literally go with anything, and that includes a maxi dress. If you’re worried about your look being too dressy, instead of a tuxedo-inspired jacket go with one that’s made from a stretchy material or an option with a less tailored silhouette.
  3. Add a long cardigan. This is one of my favorite casual, urban-inspired ways to wear a maxi even if it’s cold out. Long cardigans can give you a bit of that 90s look that’s in right now and let you wear your maxi well after summer ends. If you’re worried about a sense of shapelessness that can happen with a maxi/cardigan combo, belt your dress along your waist line before or after putting on a cardigan.
  4. A leather bomber jacket can add an edgy appeal to a flowy maxi. Leather bomber jackets are on-point stylistically right now and they can balance out the whimsical look of a long maxi dress and create a nice contrast.
  5. Style it as a skirt. If you want to enjoy parts of your favorite maxi without it being obvious that’s what you’re wearing, instead of a cardigan throw on a regular knit sweater so that only the skirt portion of the dress shows. You can also do the same thing with really any shirt or blouse you like, and you get a nice feminine appeal and your dress will pull double-duty.
  6. Switch up your shoes. Often with those summer maxis we find ourselves just wearing a nice, flat sandal, but do something different to winterize the look. Wear it with a pair of boots—experiment to see what works with the length of your dress from booties to knee-highs. It will take the summery look out of the dress and make it more cold weather appropriate.

Do you love wearing your maxi collection even when the weather is chilly? How do you style yours?