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4 Simple Everyday Environmental Hacks

Photo by Eric Vitale

Have you ever thought about going green, but wasn’t sure how to? You don’t need to make major lifestyle changes initially to be more conscious of your carbon footprint. Plus, these tips can help save you money along the way!

  • Don’t go out of your way to purchase a reusable water bottle. Instead, buy a drink in a glass container with a cap. Instead of recycling the bottle, reuse it! There’s no need to spend money on a water bottle. However, it’s a good idea to label your new glass water bottle, so someone doesn’t mistake it for garbage and recycle it. (Trust me, it’s happened to me a few times before.)
  • Carry around a bag wherever you go. Not only does this reduce the amount of plastic and paper bags you use, but it has the potential to earn cents back. Carrying around a bag all the time breaks you into a routine. If you already carry around a purse, tote, or backpack, throw in another back in a small compartment!
  • Walk anywhere if it’s under a mile away. While in India last year, a professor explained to me that he walked anywhere if it was under a mile away. Why? Cars burn the most amount of fuel during the first mile! Plus, it’s nice to get outside and breathe in some fresh air.
  • Replace face wash with coffee grinds. Micro-beads are history. Try out this homemade face wash and say goodbye to your old facial routine. Plus, this is a better alternative for anyone with dry skin.

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