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A Style Guide for Wearing White Pants and Jeans This Summer

White pants and jeans are one of my absolute favorite looks for both spring and summer. In fact, I love them so much that I’ll often carry them into the fall as well. They’re so crisp and fresh and look great with basically any type of top.

Despite all of the good things to love about white pants and jeans, many women feel uncomfortable or unsure about wearing them.

Here are some tips to alleviate those white pant reservations:

  1. The number one most important tip anyone can remember when choosing a pair of white pants or jeans is to choose them in a thick, structured fabric. Denim can be a bit easier because it tends to automatically be thicker than fabrics used to create trousers. The reason having a thick enough fabric is important is because you’re reducing the risk of everything from panty lines to unsightly bumps and lumps. As long as jeans aren’t too tight, they’ll typically provide a good level of camouflage.
  2. Choose a size that fits you well. If you choose ill-fitting white pants or jeans you’re really going to see flaws you wouldn’t see in other types of pants. A lot of women go a size up when they select white pants, to avoid being able to see every single problem area of their body. You may have to try on several styles, cuts and fits before you find the one that works for you.
  3. Don’t choose white jeans that have any extra embellishments. The beauty of white pants lies in their simplicity and their clean appeal. If you get a pair with wild stitching, rhinestones or any other additions, it’s going to really take away from what draws people to white pants in the first place. Simple is always best.
  4. Panty lines is a quick way to make your white pants look less than classy. Rather than going without underwear, most style experts recommend choosing a pair of nude underwear when you’re rocking white.
  5. As with any pair of pants or jeans, look for a cut that’s going to be flattering to you and emphasize your shape. If you’re thin, tall or have an athletic build, you can go with a pair of skinny white jeans or pants that fit close to the body.  If you want to even out the proportions of a curvy body, choose a pair with a flared leg. Cropped white pants and jeans are a good option if you’re petite, because they won’t make you look overwhelmed by your pants.
  6. A few fun style tips for white jeans include pairing them with a black blouse and black shoes. There is nothing more timeless and elegant than a black and white outfit. White jeans are also great paired with a pattern. If you normally shy away from patterns you can really experiment with a boldly patterned top, because it will be offset by the simplicity of your pants. Finally, don’t be scared of white-on-white. We love the look of a crisp white tank with white jeans. Add some colorful jewelry, a scarf or a blazer if you need that extra pop.