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Beauty Secrets From South India

This time last year, I prepared for my semester abroad in Bangalore, India. During my time abroad, I learned a different approach to hygiene and beauty products. Similar to homeopathic remedies, there are tons of self-care products out there based on simple ingredients. Here are some products I enjoyed while in Bangalore.

Original photos by Danielle Corcione

I found myself in a store called Fabindia from time to time — particularly the store located on Commercial Street in Bangalore city. Fabindia is an Indian chain store that sells clothing, beauty products, furniture and more. I suffer from chapped hands in cold weather, so immediately after arriving, I wanted to do some experimenting. This hand and cuticle cream, made from olive oil, was the initial remedy. I stocked up on this product before I left.

Secondly, I bought this tooth powder from an eco-boutique, located on my ashram’s campus. I stayed at an environmental-spiritual ashram during my stay. The shop provided tons of different products, that often rotated, made from natural ingredients. This waterless mixture includes different herbs and spices. Although I haven’t found this specific product online, you can find other tooth powders, such as this mint-flavored Neem Tooth and Gum Powder by Theraneem Organix.

Lastly, I traveled to Ooty in Tamil Nadu. I visited a shop called the Last Forest. The company supports for communities through fair-trade business, such as how they gather honey. I was a huge fan of their lip balm made from honey and beeswax. I bought several different fragrances of lip balm to bring home to family and friends. They have stores all over India, including Mumbai and New Delhi. You can learn more about their company and products here.

Have you traveled to India? Do you have any beauty secrets from your travels? Do you practice any homeopathic remedies? Tweet @decorcione with your responses!