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Style Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Who doesn’t love a good list of hacks? Hacks can make our lives so much simpler and easier, and that applies to fashion choices are well.

Here’s our list of our favorite fashion hacks:

  1. If you have a crisp, tailored-style button-up shirt or any shirt with a collar and you want it to look well taken care of and ironed but you don’t actually feel like pulling out the iron, go ahead and use a hair straightener to get the job done.
  2. This is one of my favorite fashion-related hacks on the list—if you have a zipper that’s stuck rub them with the tip of a graphite pencil. I often have boots with zippers and other items with a tendency to get stuck and this is a great and really inventive solution.
  3. If you want to show off a great pair of shoes or just give your jeans a new look it’s as simple as adding your own cuff. Rolling up your jeans, even skinny jeans, can freshen up and revamp the look and also let you showcase your footwear. Rolling up jeans can also give a look a more effortless, casual appeal.
  4. This is another style hack I love—rather than wearing your favorite jacket in the traditional way, drape it over your shoulders. Whether it’s a blazer or a lightweight jacket or even a heavier coat, when you drape it over your shoulder it’s a great way to instantly capture that Parisian-chic look we all love and it also has a tendency to look like you’re wearing one of those oh-so trendy capes.
  5. If you have a t-shirt or a button-up shirt that you think looks too frumpy or makes you look a bit thick in the waistline consider knotting it. When you knot a shirt at the front or even the side it’s going to give you a more nipped and tucked looking waistline and it also makes a basic shirt more interesting.
  6. Do you love the look of a casual t-shirt that’s worn to perfection but you can never quite achieve that look and feel when you buy a new tee? Make your tees soft by soaking them in salt water for a few days. You’ll get that well-loved vintage feel and style easily.
  7. If you want instantly up your cool factor on any outfit, think about you tuck your shirt. If you’ve ever seen those pictures of celebrities and models displaying their street style you know what we mean. Tucking a shirt in or doing a breezy half-tuck will make you look like a fashionista in basically any situation
  8. This is a hack that really works and I know from personal experience—if you get a bit of oil on your favorite outfit, put some baby powder or even Splenda on the spot for a few hours and it will absorb it.
  9. If you want to maintain that perfect shirt sleeve roll, leave the top button fastened while you roll.

What are your favorite fashion-related hacks?