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Surefire Tips to Pull Off Metallics During the Day

If you want to add a little glitz or glam to your outfit, or even a bit of drama, metallics offer a great option.

Most of us know they’re perfect in so many forms for night but what about when you want to throw some rose gold or platinum into your outfit during the day?

It’s definitely not impossible with these easy tips:

  • Metallic doesn’t necessarily also have to mean sparkly. Some of the hottest metallic wardrobe pieces including pants and tops, are metallic but they’re also matte. It tones it down and keeps you from creating blinding reflections wherever you go, but you get the metallic impact that you’re after.
  • Create a juxtaposition. You probably don’t want to go for head-to-toe heavy metal during the day, so instead offset whatever metallic item you may be wearing. For example, let’s say you found a great shimmery midi skirt and you want to wear it to work—top it with a clean, crisp and tailored button-up shirt to keep a nice balance in the outfit. If you have a pair of metallic pants you’re loving for a weekend afternoon, choose a chambray shirt to bring the metallic back to a reasonable level.
  • Look for pieces that have subtle metallic elements. For example, a beautiful jacket with some metallic threading as opposed to a full-on bling factor.
  • If you’re worried about subjecting yourself and those around you to a daytime metallic overload, just infuse metals into your accessories instead. Whether it’s jewelry, a purse or a great belt, metallic can often make a big statement even if it comes in a small package.
  • This is a rule that doesn’t just apply to metallic in the daytime—it applies across the board: when you’re wearing metallic simpler is almost always better. Don’t have too many things working against one another in your outfit and instead let the metal tones be what defines your look.
  • Make sure your daytime metallic items have a great fit. If you choose something that’s ill-fitting you could either look like you’re headed to a nightclub, or on the other hand if it’s too large and blousy you may end up looking like a Golden Girl. A great fit is an imperative.
  • Look for more muted metal tones for daytime wear. For example, if you want to do gold go with rose gold or a dark coppery color with a bit earthiness to it, as opposed to a blingy 24-karat gold color. If you like the look of silver, choose something that comes in a pale, soft shade for daytime wear and save the major shimmer for nighttime wear.
  • When it doubt, just add metallic to your outfit in the form of the shoes you choose. Whether it’s heels or a great pair of ballet flats you can rarely go wrong with metallic shoes whether it’s day or night.

What are your favorite ways to style metallic color tones during the day?