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Can Anyone Wear Rompers and Jumpers?

A few years ago when rompers and jumpers first started appearing, it seemed like the ultimate in fads that would quickly pass, but here we are and rompers and jumpers are still making a splash as one of the biggest fashion trends of the spring and summer.

Rompers and jumpers can be tricky to wear without looking like you’re a giant baby rocking a onesie, so here are some style tips that will help you navigate the one-piece outfit world.

  1. Choose a romper or jumper that has shape—this particularly holds true with rompers. Don’t choose a shapeless knit. The effect will be less-than-flattering. When choosing a jumper it’s okay to go with the wide-leg trend on the bottom, but make sure the top is more closely fitted. You don’t want look like you’re wearing an oversized prison jumpsuit.
  2. If you choose a jumpsuit or romper that doesn’t have a tailored shape, you can always add a belt to your mid-section to give some figure-flattering definition. Losing your waistline inside of a jumper or romper is the number one reason they don’t come off as attractive or sexy, so if you can avoid this pitfall you’re much more likely to hit a one-piece homerun.
  3. Make sure you choose a romper that’s long enough to give you a comfortable fit throughout your body, including in your crotch. If a romper is too short for your body, the pulling will not only be uncomfortable, but also unsightly. Some rompers and jumpsuits just might not be right for your body, so it may take a few tries to find that perfect fit and length.
  4. A jacket always makes a great layering piece on top of both jumpsuits and rompers. It helps you feel less like you’re being dominated by a one-piece outfit, and gives you a more understated overall look. Anything from a denim jacket to a blazer works great with one-piece outfits, but make sure your jacket fits pretty close to your body to avoid looking like a bag lady.
  5. If you’re new to the world of jumpsuits and rompers, choose black. It’s like a new, modernized variation of the little black dress and black one-pieces are great for going from day-to-night, and you can even dress them up for a formal event.
  6. Having a jumpsuit or romper that fits too tightly is always a no-no. When you go the too tight route it looks like you’re wearing a workout or gymnastics ensemble, instead of a chic and sophisticated outfit.
  7. Add details to your outfit, like a statement necklace or a great pair of heels to easily dress it up for an evening event. Heels are especially great with a jumpsuit, because they create one long, lean line out of your body and it’s surprising an extremely slimming outfit choice.
  8. Proportions are extremely important when you select a jumpsuit. Don’t think you can wear just any jumpsuit—really think about your body type. If you’re heavier on top, choose a jumpsuit with voluminous pants that will create balance. If you’re bottom heavy, choose something with a blousy top. You can also decide between romper and jumpsuit depending on what you want to show off. If you have great legs, go for the romper. If your arms are your favorite, do a jumpsuit.

What do you think about jumpsuits and rompers? Is the trend here to stay?