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Remedies for Dry Cuticles and Better Nails

If you’re like me, you have dry and rough cuticles. You might (okay, probably, most likely) have a history of nail biting. The idea of getting your nails done horrifies you. Over the years, I’ve tried different strategies to fix this situation. However, I’ve had some successes along the way. I’ve compiled a list for you to save you the trial-and-error headaches I’ve endured.

Simple remedies that worked


  • Oil soaks: I prefer coconut oil, but olive oil is just as efficient. Grab a bowl, dump in some oil, turn on Netflix, set a ten-minute timer, keep a towel by your side, and let your fingers soak. I also bring a glass jar of coconut oil in the shower to hydrate my hands when I bathe.
  • Vitamins: Previously, I’ve tried biotin without seeing results. Although I haven’t tried Vitamin E, I started taking Nature’s Way Hair & Skin vitamins with MSM and Glucosamine and am already starting to feel the results in my fingertips–and when I brush my hair, too.
  • Cream: Don’t get flimsy with your hand and body lotions. If I do, I end up with a burning sensation on my skin, most likely from all those chemicals. When I traveled to India, I brought back an olive cuticle and hand cream that works for me every time.
  • Homemade bar soap: I’ve never been a fan of liquid soap because the anti-bacteria formula often dries out my skin. I started using bar soap for my hands a few years ago. I’ve noticed homemade, fragrance-free soaps work well. You can find locally made soap at flea markets or health food stores.

Photo courtesy of Alissa Petrella

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