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Swimwear Trends to Look for in 2015

Most of us may still be in the grips of winter, but spring is just around the corner which means bathing suit season will be here before most of us know it.

If you’re doing your swimsuit shopping early this year, here are some of the trends to look out for during your quest for the perfect suit:

  1. Extra Strappy and Caged Bottoms and Tops: While many of the year’s biggest swimsuit trends are leaning toward more athletic and even covered looks, that’s not the case with the trend making the top spot on our list. Expect to see “cage” style bottoms and tops with lots of thin straps together. If you’re a little unsure you want to go with the fully strappy look, you can also get the cage style with a one-piece, so you get the sexiness without feeling so exposed.
  2. The Bralette Top: The bralette swim top trend can be a great one if you’re athletic, have a larger chest or just want a suit that you can really get a lot of functionality from. Bralette tops give you plenty of support and they’re also more comfortable than their triangle bikini top counterparts. When you’re wearing a bralette top you’re likely to feel like you can surf, swim, play sports or just be more adventurous without the fear of your swimwear having a malfunction.
  3. The Ethnic Print: The Bohoeman and ethnically inspired trends we’re going to see a lot of this spring and summer are also going to extend to swimwear. Ethnic prints are a great fit for swimwear because they’re inherently lively, bold and usually feature bright, fun colors that work well on the beach or by the pool.
  4. The Crop Top Bikini: Crop tops are everywhere and that includes swimwear. The crop top bikini has a lot of the benefits of the bralette trend—you can get more support if you have a larger bust line, you get more coverage if you’re a bit self-conscious and it’s also a swim trend that’s going to let you do all the things you love when you’re at the beach or the pool without any worries.
  5. The High Waisted Suit: If you have tummy fears but don’t want to completely cover up when you’re at the beach or pool you’re in luck this season with the high waist bikini bottom trend. This is one of my personal favorites because it’s sexy and glamorous but you also get some tummy coverage. When you do a high waist bikini bottom you can really experiment with the top and even go with something more daring to balance out the coverage of the bottom. High waist bottoms are also great for creating curves and a great hourglass shape while simultaneously camouflaging a lot of problem areas. If you just want a peek of skin showing, pair the high waist biking bottom with a bralette or crop top and you’ll feel like you’re on trend and still upping the sexiness but you’re not going to feel as completely as exposed as you might in a teeny bikini.