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The Ms. Collection Offers Exciting Clothing Subscription Services

The Internet has certainly changed the way most fashionistas do their shopping, and one of the newest trends to spark the interest of clothes-loving girls (and guys) everywhere are subscription services. What can be better than getting a monthly package in the mail full of cute new items?

The Ms. Collection has quickly garnered attention as one of the world’s most popular subscription services, so we thought we pass on the details to our own readers.

The Ms. Collection’s mission is defined this way: This Ms. Collection was created for women who like to try new styles, without the hefty price tag that’s typically attached. It’s for women who frequently like to change up their look, grow tired of what is in their wardrobe and love a good surprise. You will have a rotating closet of beautiful pieces you can rent with the option to buy at exclusive member prices.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you fill out a comprehensive style profile. These items aren’t just going to be selected for you at random—Ms. Collection wants to get to know who you are and what you like, as well as your overall style and sizes.
  • Once you complete and submit your style profile a team of professional buyers and stylists will work together to create a clothing pack that’s personalized for you. Packs ship out every month on the 15th, as long as you have already mailed back your pack from the previous month.
  • After you receive your items you can decide between renting and buying. You can rent pieces for as long as you want, and also buy them at prices that are up to 40 percent off retail prices.
  • When you’re ready for a new pack of fun items mail everything back by the 11th of each month, as long as you’ve decided not to buy an item.

Returns are as simple as everything else with Ms. Collection. To complete a return just box it up and send it back. The team at Ms. Collection will take care of inspecting everything to make sure it’s still in great condition.

You can choose from several different collection options—Ms. Play, Ms. Business and Ms. Combo. Obviously Ms. Play is going to include more casual looks that can be worn in a variety of settings both day and night, while Ms. Business is all about the work appropriate items. If you want a little of both opt for the Ms. Combo option.

Here’s how each collection is described:

You are Ms. Play; a woman who enjoys combining fun and flirt. You love casual fashion but are always in style and on point with what you wear. Your atmosphere at work is of an easy going nature.

You are Ms. Business. You work in a corporate setting and you are a believer of good fashion sense being good business sense. You turn heads for all the right reasons.

Subscribe to the Ms. Play and Ms. Business combo pack or Ms. Play, Ms. Business and Ms. Details, to gain access to even more pieces at one time that will keep you looking stylish and beautiful.