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What Are Your 2016 Style Goals?

The New Year is just around the corner. It’s almost time for a fresh, new beginning — a transformation, even. What have you done to prepare? Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolutions yet? If so, do any goals revolve around style?

Photos courtesy of Taylor Vitelli and Stephanie Ranque

goals We’re not talking about complete makeovers or expensive shopping sprees here. Maybe you’re thinking about an innovated approach to your wardrobe. Here are some few options to explore in 2016. Most don’t cost anything!

  • Compile a list of local thrift stores and spend an entire Saturday scoping them out — maybe even Plato’s Closet. Bring along a friend that has similar taste.
  • Do you have any friends that are into photography? Offer to model for them.
  • Organize a clothing swap among friends.
  • Download Poshmark (of course, if you haven’t already) and clean out your closet.
  • goalsPick out a tight shirt, loose shirt, and a pair of leggings from your closet. Figure out three different ways to wear it.
  • Revamp your an old jacket or vest.
  • Before you decide you don’t like something in your closet (whether it’s a dress, purse, etc.), ask yourself why. Have you tried wearing it with multiple outfits, or is it something you’ve truly outgrown?
  • Start showcasing your outfits on social media and create a following. Maybe consider making up your own hashtag and encourage your friends to use it, too.
  • Try out a new trend you normally wouldn’t. It’s time to experiment!

This is just the beginning. If you’re looking for more inspiration, snag a pen and paper. Start thinking about looks you haven’t tried yet, or ones you think you haven’t mastered. Maybe you’re not sure what to do with that beret. Create a list and go from there.

What goals did you accomplish in 2015? What are you style goals for next year? Was this story helpful? Tweet @decorcione with your feedback!